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07 Empress Regnant by Jowain92
07 Empress Regnant
As a child, Alcedonia Quintilius was constantly put through the harsh training regimen her father's soldiers went through every day till they were ready to take up arms against the enemies of County Anvil.

With the death of the esteemed Umbranox bloodline, the county had fallen into the risk of ending up in the greedy hands of lesser lords of the Cyrodiilic nobility, however one stood out amongst them; Sir Augustus II 
Quintilius (son of the former Imperial Watchman Servatius Quintilius), Knight of the Anvil Royal Guard.
When the aspiring nobles staked their claim to Anvil and its people, Sir Quintilius gathered the knights of the castle and marched the nobles and their servants out of the city, stating that "I will not let corrupt and weak men and women lead the people of Anvil to its doom."
It would seem this Knight and his fellows would soon face the wrath of the Empire, but with the Great War raging, Emperor Titus Mede II decreed that Augustus II Quintilius be named count and that Anvil fell under his protection (it is rumored that emperor said: "If he thinks he can do better than the nobles, let him succeed or fail as he wishes.").

Now, with the Stormcloak rebellion ended and Titus Mede II dead at the hands of the Dark Brotherhood, the battles between nobles and counts began anew; Who would inherit the Ruby Throne? Who would claim the title of Emperor? Who would lead the Empire out of the darkness?

Again, Count Augustus II Quintilius saw that the people of Cyrodiil needed a strong ruler again, had not the Redguards of Hammerfell left the Empire? The Argonians of Black Marsh? The Nords of Skyrim? All because of the Empires own weakness. There had to be someone to guide this lost people to glory once more.
The Count volunteered.

Alcedonia Quintilius was meant to be the new count of Anvil, taking over when or if her father succeeded in taking the Ruby Throne, but alas, that was not meant to be.
Slain by assassins sent by his opponents, Alcedonia Quintilius was left the title of Countess of Anvil and all the responsibilites that came with it.

And she made up her mind at her fathers grave; "I will be the ruler of this land, I will lead the Empire out of the Darkness and I... will crush all in my way."

After long battles and much bloodshed, nearly 15 years after the death of her father, Alcedonia Quintilius stepped into the chambers of the Emperor and took her seat on the Ruby Throne, the blood of her last opposition still dripping warm from her blade.

A new era had dawned, praise the Empress Regnant!

- Imperial Scholar

Sabaton - Carolus Rex:…
This probably won't be a very long journal, since it's just a thought that has come to me and revolving around a game franchise that was slowly killed off due to bad ideas, but I still like the Soul Calibur franchise quite a lot.

I just thought that while the game wouldn't have been better, given the craptacular story they wrote, but I think it could have been interesting to put the games story during the Thirty Years' War, one of the most destructive conflicts in European history.

Considering Nightmares goal to harvest souls, a war on this scale would have ideal for him and would allow him to aquire more servants possessed by the swords influence.
That he was also on the Holy Roman Empire's side and a the Graf of Hungary, it would have made it even more ideal to have the events take place there.

For me personally it would have worked even better, considering the rise of Sweden as a Great Power during the war, giving rise to the Swedish Empire, given that one of my characters is swedish and formerly a count of his own kingdom.

There would have been a large field to play in and plenty of reasons for characters to butt heads with each other as it could have put some of them in conflict with each other, seeing many of them are raised within the Holy Roman Empire.

Obviously this didn't and may never happen, simply because Patrikaliousfailure and Pyrrha would be "Too Old" to appease whatever fanbase Project Soul thinks enjoys this game, seems like a really bad move to assume the western players enjoyed the blonde characters more than the others...

Oh well, just my thought thanks for reading a pretty pointless journal unless you were a SC fan.

But such a setting would have given me reason to use this ;)

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I'm just your ordinary person, I joined because I felt that I needed a place to show my works (not very mind-boogling amazing though mind you) and I have been stuck here ever since.

I take an interesting in writing, designing and would jump at the chance to do some voice acting, it is something I really like.

Well, that's for the bio take care :)

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