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The Fighting Scrolls: Onyx vs. Mordistair by Jowain92
The Fighting Scrolls: Onyx vs. Mordistair
Didn't take long for this to happen, I was going to make a story or something out of it, then it hit me that this is a lot like a fighting game screen... so yeah...

:iconronin-gh0st:s Onyx faces off against Mordistair... but since it's Mordistair, this is the background theme:… Because: METAL.
King of The Frozen Throne by Jowain92
King of The Frozen Throne
Randomly out of nowhere I decided to bring in Onyx, a character created by :iconronin-gh0st:, facing the King of The Frozen Throne; a giant frost atronach.

More or less a bit of a joke on my part as the OC owner is in the midst of writing a fanfiction... involving Elsa from Frozen for some reason... huh. Well anyways, what better way to poke the fellow than to have him fight a massive ice creature in a "Frozen" realm?

And that he used the version of Miraak I put together may have something to do with too *cough*

Not showing the characters face for the reasons that the few images I came across had him wear the mask of Clavicus Vile... which clashes horribly with the ebony texture mod I use and those without were usually very manga/anime-esque, nothing wrong with that, but not very helpful when trying to make a character in-game and you only have a couple of textures and vanilla models to run with.

Still happy with the outcome of the image, and yes, while the Frozen Throne area may have been inspired by fighting games, with was generally the desire to create this scene that made it happen.

Oh and speaking of fighting games, I listened to this while making the area and it works well for a fight here :P…
Striking Heretics Down Since 2E 582 by Jowain92
Striking Heretics Down Since 2E 582
It's Lord Surinen! Hide! D:

But honestly, what happened to that guy? Oh well, another modded character that never went anywhere and now is resurrected for my nefarious deeds... by making a fairly decent image with Surinen sneering at the viewer with an Aldemeri Dominion banner in the background?

Well can't troll all the time and besides, the character in himself is a pretty good example of Thalmor XD

This appearance of him may be very dated though, I have no clue, was a long time since I saw any work of the fellow.
Moeris Remake by Jowain92
Moeris Remake
A remake of :iconredmorpho:s character Moeris, as I was displeased with the original look I put together... though not sure if this works better, some changes had to be made, as I no longer have the eye mod used before.

One problem with characters mainly drawn by artists is obviously that they're difficult to put into Skyrim properly, at least with the tools I posses right now. But there's no shame in trying and doing what one can.
This probably won't be a very long journal, since it's just a thought that has come to me and revolving around a game franchise that was slowly killed off due to bad ideas, but I still like the Soul Calibur franchise quite a lot.

I just thought that while the game wouldn't have been better, given the craptacular story they wrote, but I think it could have been interesting to put the games story during the Thirty Years' War, one of the most destructive conflicts in European history.

Considering Nightmares goal to harvest souls, a war on this scale would have ideal for him and would allow him to aquire more servants possessed by the swords influence.
That he was also on the Holy Roman Empire's side and a the Graf of Hungary, it would have made it even more ideal to have the events take place there.

For me personally it would have worked even better, considering the rise of Sweden as a Great Power during the war, giving rise to the Swedish Empire, given that one of my characters is swedish and formerly a count of his own kingdom.

There would have been a large field to play in and plenty of reasons for characters to butt heads with each other as it could have put some of them in conflict with each other, seeing many of them are raised within the Holy Roman Empire.

Obviously this didn't and may never happen, simply because Patrikaliousfailure and Pyrrha would be "Too Old" to appease whatever fanbase Project Soul thinks enjoys this game, seems like a really bad move to assume the western players enjoyed the blonde characters more than the others...

Oh well, just my thought thanks for reading a pretty pointless journal unless you were a SC fan.

But such a setting would have given me reason to use this ;)

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Darth Vercordius
Artist | Student | Literature
I'm just your ordinary person, I joined because I felt that I needed a place to show my works (not very mind-boogling amazing though mind you) and I have been stuck here ever since.

I take an interesting in writing, designing and would jump at the chance to do some voice acting, it is something I really like.

Well, that's for the bio take care :)

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