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Second outfit for the old OC Einnia Dreyrisal, an office suit made for a contest to some group who's name I've since forgotten.
Looks meh and bleh.

Einnia Dreyrisal © :iconjowain92:
Einnia Dreyrisal (Original Character Concept)
Very old character I slapped together for a contest and then remade her otufit for another contest, however the character ended up winning neither. In the end I mostly left the character to the side, as she shared many similarities with other characters from other media and isn't that interesting to look at in terms of appearance and story.

But I still think my own shoddy drawing style should be seen... at least once XD

The old biography written for her, these days it's pretty lousy.

Name: Einnia Dreyrisál

Age: 21

Height: 178 Centimeters

Weight: Refuses to tell

Race: Human/ Myrkr Umaretsuki (literally “Darkness Born”)

Sexuality: Bisexual (Not that it even matters to her, who could love a monster?)

Likes: People who are nice, cute things, ghosts, tentacles, books, art, sleep, dreams, peace and quiet, training, a good fight, darkness, to smile, to be happy, blueberries and strawberries. She actually likes all kinds of fruit.

Dislikes: Gods, people who do bad things, those who fear what they do not understand, evil demons, dumb songs and even dumber people.

Themesong: “Blindfold” by Whispered

Darkness is what I am. Free is what I choose to be.”


Einnia wears a torn, dark-violet kimono with Japanese symbols as well as several Walnkut (the symbol of slain warriors in Norse mythology). Her body is wrapped in bandages except for her right arm which is shrouded with the power of “Darkness”. Despite that her face is completely normal underneath; she does not wish anyone to remember her old face. It’s because she fears the day when she truly will become a child of darkness and her face will be distorted an unrecognizable.

Aside from her arm, her body is completely normal.


Myrkr Umaretsuki is the name for humans who are born with darkness flowing in their veins, thus they are classified as a type of demon. This result in at least one part of their body to crawl with the power of Darkness, in Einnias case; her right arm.

The term “Darkness” refers to the appearance of the power manifesting itself. In reality it is something else. But what, that remains unanswered.

As a child, Einnia had friends and family, she was loved, she had a home.

However, when the power of Darkness began to manifest itself, people began to fear her, and in the end she was left alone, with nothing.

One night, the villagers raided her home and killed her parents. She was forced to flee.

Now having no home she travels the world from left to right, up and down, across the universe and beyond. She is a fighter and will anything to survive.

She is known as a “The Demonclaw”.


Einnia is a very quiet young woman. She rarely speaks, but if she does her words are often full of force. Despite a terrifying appearance and silence she is a very nice and sweet person, and cares for the safety of others. She has no tolerance for people that hurt others and ignorance. She is willing to brave heaven or hell and kill gods and devils to save and protect the innocent and her friends.

She is afraid of her own powers and the destruction that it can cause.


She possesses extraordinary strength, beyond that of a normal human, but she relies more on speed than on strength. She is able to avoid attacks with ease and to deliver devastating blows with her demonic arm.

However, should “The Darkness” take over; she poses a danger to everyone and everything, including herself.

Her body is wrapped in black purple flames and her eyes glows with an evil glow. It is advisable to stay away.

However she trains hard, one day when she truly becomes a “Child of The Darkness” she will have the strength needed to remain herself and not a wild beast.


Godslayer – A demonic Warhammer that was forged with the intent of slaying divine beings, towards any other being it behaves like a normal warhammer, however once it ”senses” a being who's power is equal to or exceeds that of divinity it becomes a weapon of utter death.


Whiplash – Her hand transforms into a shadowy whip with razor sharp spikes that she uses to strike her enemies with from a distance.

????? (Kurai kanashimi – Dark Sorrow) – She throws a disc of darkness at her opponent which slices right through them.

Arcane Darkness – She release the darkness within her which makes her incredibly powerful.

Impetious Constant Chaos – She strikes her opponent once, then kicks them several times, sending them up into the air, she then appears above them, grabs their head and then spins around several times before smashing the opponents skull into the ground then blasts it with darkness.

Stardust – She grabs the opponent and punches them up in the air, following them, she then grabs their head with her foot and spins around several times before kicking them away, saying “Kiss the moon!”

Thousand Swords – She creates blades from darkness and proceeds to slash her enemy till death. She does this with such speed that to the eye of the beholder it appears that she uses a thousand swords.

The Dark Eternal Night – ?

The symbols on her kimono are first the Walnknut, symbol of slain warriors in norse mythology.

The japanese symbols are:

? – Soul

?? – Dark/Darkness

?? - Truth

Her name is derived from the Old Norse words Einn = "Alone", Dreyri = "Blood" and Sál = "Soul"

Einnia Dreyrisal © :iconjowain92:

Art Trades and Requests of her:

foreverzerodragon.deviantart.c… by :iconforeverzerodragon:… by :iconeviane:… by :iconreal-warner:
There's a moment in Dark Souls 3 where two Darkwraiths are slowly walking up a hill towards a large mausoleum where one of the bosses are, they attack anything getting in their way, including the player of course.
Blackreach Riders
Creature resource assets are a load of fun. I'd run as far away as I can if I ever saw these things come at me.
Recently downloaded the mod VIGILANT by Vicn, a modder who's also made some cool monster meshes for Skyrim.
This mod has a very Dark Souls feel to it and I am going to make some screenshots out of these locations, if I can run it properly that is.
Might take some of the assets in this mod and use for my own work as well, mainly statues and similar. One thought that runs through my mind when I see some of the locations here; will I one day make something just as cool looking as this?

Question is though; who's going to be the star of these screens? Vaynith, Krisandra, Solea, Shelura or Nerithil?

Or one of the male characters?

The Good Guys by Jowain92
The Bad Guys by Jowain92


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